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The Gymnastics Trafford Programme, one of the largest leisure centre schemes in the UK, delivers Gymnastics and Trampolining across Trafford Leisure’s facilities. The programme is designed to offer a fun structured programme for children and young people of all abilities.

Trafford Leisure have a vast programme of Gymnastics and Trampolining delivery. Our scheme is delivered through the Gymnastics Trafford brand is designed to offer a fun structured programme for children, young people and Adults of all abilities.

All of our coaches are fully qualified and registered with the British Gymnastics Association. Gymnastics is an exciting sport to watch and perform; it is one of the most popular sports in the UK with around 4 million people taking part.

Gymnastics Trafford is one of the largest recreational gymnastics programmes in the country and all our programmes are supported by British Gymnastics. Taking part in a sport like gymnastics, not only gives a huge amount of pleasure to participants but also encourages self confidence and develops motivated happy people.

Programme Structure

We introduce participants from an early age to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and provide a variety of enjoyable opportunities to learn, develop and compete.

A fun filled class aimed at teaching the basics of rolling, balance, co-ordination, jumping and hopping, learning to listen to instruction and following them.

Children will work towards the British Gymnastics Association Fundamental awards scheme.

Please note: Parents must stay with their child throughout the session.

An independent class teaching all the basic gymnastics shapes in a structured environment. Forwards/backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels and a fun circuit around the apparatus to improve co-ordination, balance and gross motor skills.

This class teaches progressive gymnastics skills that prepare children for club sessions.

Children will work towards the British Gymnastics Fundamentals and Proficiency Awards Scheme.

Classes are either 45 minutes or one hour. Once through the warm up and stretch boys are introduced to more complex skills and apparatus circuits with emphasis placed on strengthening confidence and competency in gymnastics.

Boys will work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Scheme.

Classes are either one hour or an hour and a half duration. Your child will either come through from our younger year’s program or be a beginner age 5+. The sessions open with a fun warm up and stretch, which teaches the importance of flexibility. Learning basic gymnastics skills on each piece of apparatus, these classes will challenge the gymnast. Rhythmic sessions use balls, hoops and clubs instead of equipment. Progressions and conditioning are the key factors at this level, with the emphasis placed on strengthening your child’s confidence and competency in gymnastics. Children will works towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Scheme.

Designed for the more capable gymnast, building on the skills already learned and accomplished. Classes follow the same format as the beginners with the exception of extra time on the gymnasts floor so higher level skills can be taught. Children begin working on a wide array of tumbling skills making them more agile and spatially aware. Choreography is also part of the structure in these classes. Progression into this class is through talent identification based on ability not on age.

Progression into our Display Team is at the discretion of the Gymnastics Manager. It is our most advanced class and concentrates on multiple skill tumbling passes, with front and back somersaults, layouts and twisting. The gymnasts work with our dance specialist putting routines together with high level dance and tumbling elements on the floor and trampettes.

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