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Returning To The Gym Injury Free

Going to the gym is great for your health, and we encourage everyone to exercise regularly. Preventing injuries is easy and will ensure you can keep working out without interruptions. As specialists in sports injuries and physio, MLH Physio wanted to share some of their best advice on how to prevent gym injuries.

At MLH Physio they treat a lot of injuries, but a major part of our role is educating patients on how to prevent injuries. Here are just some of the most common injuries we see and how to prevent them.

Shoulder and Neck Issues

The most common shoulder injury picked up in the gym that we diagnose is impingement syndrome. For most patients, shoulder pain and injury is a result of either lifting weights that are too heavy, or poor posture. Rounded shoulders can put unwanted strain on the shoulder joint, which can lead to irritation and pain. When lifting any weights or doing press-up movements, always try to maintain a good shoulder posture.

Lower Back Injuries

The large majority of lower back problems we see at MLH Physio are down to lifting too heavy too soon. That’s not to say lifting heavy weights is dangerous, it’s not at all, it’s just important to use the correct technique and build the weights up gradually. Always seek a gym expert’s advice if you’re not sure. Most back injuries are easily treated in our clinics with a combination of physiotherapy techniques, exercises and the best advice to help with returning to exercise after injury.

Muscle Strains

Probably the easiest injury to prevent is muscle strain. Did you warm-up? Or just get straight into the gym or out on a run? The advice is simple, do a simple warm-up before you start exercising. If you have any tightness or stiff muscles after exercise, some gentle stretches or work on a foam roller can also help reduce the tightness or prevent it turning into an injury.

In essence, working out is great, but making sure to stay injury-free is extremely important. Not only will you avoid pain and discomfort, but you’ll ensure you can keep up your workouts without interruptions. If you have suffered from any injury, or are currently experiencing pain, don’t try to push through the pain, but instead come and speak to an expert for some advice.

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