Improves your cardiovascular fitness

Swimming is a great way to get fitter. Cardiovascular exercise refers to your heart, lungs, muscles and blood working together while you exercise. The harder you push yourself  the more effective this will be. Finding the appropriate pace while swimming can ensure maximum cardiovascular benefits.


Builds muscle all over the body

Have you seen the Olympic swimmers! Swimming is a muscle building resistance exercise with properties to increase recovery efficiency. To see results you will have to visit frequently just like any other form of exercise.



Helps you lose weight 

Swimming burns calories because you’re raising your heart rate, which helps you loose weight. Any exercise that makes you breathe harder is good because this means your pushing yourself and working hard so your heart has to pump faster to get oxygen to your muscles.



Injuries are decreased

Did you know swimming is the only sport, which is completely non weight-bearing? Swimming is great for everyone; this is because the water is supporting your bodyweight, which puts less stress on your joints so it is really hard to injure yourself in the pool. However if you swim for years and years of intense swimming then a common one to watch out for is in your shoulders.




Relaxing & safe

Spending time in the water gives your brain a brake from the outside world and studies suggest being around water has a powerful effect on the brain. Even when you’re in the gym you are still aware of everyone around you, looking for what equipment you can go on next, or if your out running you are looing around for cars and bikes. At Trafford Leisure the pool is a safe place to be, where you can shut off while lifeguards are on watch 24/7.



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