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Get Fit This November

Get Fit This November

Now the nights are darker and the temperate is lower, we’re sneaking into the season of celebrating, over-eating and using “go on, it’s Christmas” as an excuse for indulging in anything we wouldn’t normally do.  With treacle toffee on Bonfire night, less motivation to go to the gym, Christmas parties starting and pigs in blankets on offer, it can be easy to lose sight of your fitness goals and embark on a slippery slope to an unhealthy lifestyle you may regret when January comes knocking.

Whilst we’ve still got a month to go before we hear those sleigh bells starting to ring, it’s a good idea to use November to kick start some healthy, maintainable habits you can carry through the Christmas season that’ll stand you in good stead ready for the New Year health kick.  Here’s a few handy hints and tips you can easily work into your everyday life.


Drink lots of water

It may sound obvious and it may be basic but it’s a simple tip that so many of us overlook.  Water is, of course, crucial all year round but it’s especially important to make sure you’re keeping those levels topped up when you may be consuming an odd sherry or two more than usual over the festive period.  Get into the habit now of meeting your water quota each day and not only will you feel more energised once the party season comes around but you’ll look good too – water is great for weight loss as well as the skin and you’ll have a wonderful glow ready to complement your sequins at the office party.


Get active

If you’ve already got ‘join the gym’ in the back of your head for those New Year Resolutions, then what better way to make sure you stick at it then starting now.  It will give you an extra boost ahead of December and make it easier for you to hit the ground running in January.  We’ve got a great incentive at Trafford Leisure for helping you get into the swing of things – join this month and not only are we getting rid of the joining fee but we’re also giving you the whole month’s membership for only £1.  Hurry though, it won’t be around for long!


Be mindful

There’s no better time of year for letting loose, having a treat and enjoying being less strict on yourself but just because there’s food galore on offer doesn’t mean you have to over-indulge.  Have that second helping, munch your way through a tin of chocolates but don’t stuff yourself for the sake of it just because the food is there.  Think ahead when you’re doing the Christmas shop and don’t over-buy – it’ll keep a few pounds off the body and they’ll be added to your purse instead.


Get those steps in

The key to things not getting out of hand over Christmas is doing a little bit of exercise often.  If the last thing you want to be doing in those hazy days between Christmas and New Year is hitting the gym, then make it a priority to get out for a little walk every day.  Explore a local area with the family, get a bit of fresh air in between meals or simply go to the park with the kids – they’ll all help you stay active and means there will be less of a shock to the system when you’re ready to burn off the festive food in January.


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