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Gymnastics is great for balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination & endurance.

We are missing all of our gymnasts!

We hope that your child is able to practice some of their gymnastic moves at home, such as the cartwheel, backward roll, bridge and handstand.

Backward roll

Aimed at

Beginners 5-7 and 8+


If you practise this at home you’ll be strong enough to complete a backward roll by the time you come back and see us. We can’t wait to see you do a backward roll

We cant wait to meet you all again!

Enjoy watching the video and we hope this video inspires you to help your child to develop their gymnastic skills at home.

British Gymnastics Activities

Get creative with our series of gymnastics themed colouring in and word searches.

Two new designs have been added, check them out here >>

Don’t forget to tag @GymnasticsTrafford with your finished masterpieces and word searches.

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