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Check out Trafford Leisure’s latest news about how we are helping our customers and our community through these uncertain times. If you have a story that you would like to share with us about how we’ve helped you to keep moving during these difficult times, we would love to hear from you via our Customer Hub Team 0161 749 2570.

Two young brothers become ‘first aid’ stars of Trafford Leisure’s new Covid-19 Community Hub.




Two young brothers have become online stars overnight as the first aid experts for Trafford Leisure’s new online Community Hub.

The new website, launched to support locals during the Covid-19 lockdown, offers health and wellness advice for all the family, including live exercise classes, fitness challenges, pre-recorded workouts, and inspirational first aid training posts led by nine-year-old William and his little brother, Jack, aged six.

Their mother, Fiona, Trafford Leisure’s Learning and Development Manager says:

“I’m responsible for the lifeguard and first aid training at Trafford Leisure, and I was looking for practical ideas to entertain my children. We decided to make the recordings as part of their home-schooling, as William had already started learning first aid with his cub group. I thought it made sense for me to continue this education. The videos are aimed at children to learn the core skills, but anyone can benefit from the lessons. The videos are suitable for home learning and other youth organisations to utilise. The boys love making the videos! They are little super stars.”

The two boys have created a variety of videos, and have so far demonstrated how to stop nose bleeds, how to perform CPR, how to get into the recovery position and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). The videos have gone viral and been shared far and wide.

Fiona says:

“This training could save a life. If a child can follow the simple steps then anyone can do it. First aid is all about keeping a cool head and following instructions. We really hope our videos will inspire other families in lockdown and will break down barriers or people’s nervousness surrounding basic first aid. William and Jack can’t wait to make more videos! They think they are the new Joe Wicks!”

Jo Cherrett, COO, Trafford Leisure says:

“Even though our leisure centre doors are currently closed, this doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to keep active and learn new skills. It’s really important that we keep moving and keep well. We are proud of our team’s efforts in pulling together our Covid-19 Community Hub – there really is something for everyone; be that simple online exercise classes, quizzes, fitness challenges, gymnastics, golf and swimming tips or straightforward wellness advice. The people of Trafford continue to amaze me, we couldn’t have created our community hub without their support. We love seeing our community sharing videos and pictures of them keeping active at home. We miss our customers and know that together we are stronger.”

The community hub is available to all via Trafford Leisure’s website and social media platforms click here for more information:

Trafford Leisure social media platforms:

Trafford Leisure’s Altrincham Golf Course is a wonderful green space directly in the heart of the town centre; it’s a very special place, with over 100 acres of land.

During these unprecedented times we welcome the local community to use the golf course for their daily exercise; be that walking the dog, taking a stroll or having a run, and Altrincham Golf Course is attracting a large number of people. It’s fantastic to see so many families enjoying the beautiful scenery, whilst adhering to government guidelines on social distancing.

We ask you to help us look after this superb green space for the longer term and would like to remind everyone to respect the golf course and the staff who are carrying out essential work. We want to avoid damage, both unintentional and intentional, to vital areas of the golf course.  It’s important the course is kept in good condition, ready for when we reopen for business, so we can make sure Altrincham still has a beautiful golf course for the public to enjoy.

A couple of helpful guidance points:

  • Greens – please stay off these
  • Bunkers – do not remove or kick the sand out
  • Water – please be careful around water hazards
  • Pushchairs – please keep to around the edges of the golf course
  • And finally – NO GOLF TO BE PLAYED

Please do take photos and share how stunning our golf course is. We have nearly 50 bird boxes on the course – can you find them all?

Please stay safe, respect this space, and each other.

Paul Murray

Altrincham Golf Course & Driving Range

Trafford Leisure

Patients in Trafford developing stronger symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus could now be directed by their GP to a new ‘hot clinic’ in Stretford.

Currently, patients with mild symptoms are to stay at home and self-isolate but if people begin to feel more unwell with ‘moderate’ symptoms, doctors are now able to refer people to the drive-in ‘hot clinic’ at Stretford Sports Village (Stretford Leisure Centre) – where they can be seen face to face.

Set up by NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the service is for all patients registered with a Trafford GP who are ‘moderate, symptomatic’ COVID-19 patients who are referred there by their own GP following triage and assessment.

The service is provided by Mastercall – the provider of Trafford’s current out-of-hours’ GP service.

Dr Mark Jarvis, Medical Director at NHS Trafford CCG, said:

“The service is designed to respond to the increasing volume of COVID-19 patients with moderate symptoms who require a face-to-face assessment and treatment.

To be clear, this is not a walk-in service. The existing patients being managed remotely by the GPs at home will continue as will the face-to-face assessment of mild symptomatic patients being looked after in practice.

The hot clinic will have a GP, and assistant, in full PPE who will assess those patients who have been having treatment from their GP but have deteriorated and now need a face to face assessment – or new patients who are moderately symptomatic.”

Councillor Jane Slater, Trafford Council Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Equalities, said:

“This is a great service that will ensure people are being treated by the right doctor at the right time.

I am delighted that the Council has been able to help by providing the location for this service. Thanks also go to Trafford Leisure and Amey for their support in making this a reality.”

The Stretford Sports Village hot clinic, on Great Stone Road, opened today (Monday 20 April) and is in place should demand for face-to-face appointments increase. Many Trafford practices have opened their own ‘outdoor clinics’ but this provides an additional method to cope with demand.

How it will work in practice:

  1. Patient being treated remotely by GP for possible mild COVID-19 symptoms
  2. Patient deteriorates, or has moderate symptoms that can no longer be managed by the GP with remote-working and needs a face-to-face appointment
  3. GP refers the patient to the ‘hot clinic’ with a secondary triage service and, if appropriate, provides the patient with an appointment
  4. If appropriate, the patient is advised to go to the clinic at Stretford Sports Village
  5. Patient verified on entry to the car park and drives to the clinic room
  6. A GP would assess the majority of patients in their cars, treat and then discharge them with a care plan or send to an emergency department, if necessary.

The CCG has also commissioned a service which means that if GPs believe a house-bound patient is showing moderate symptoms, they can be seen at home. This is called the Trafford COVID-19 Acute Visiting Service.

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