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Learn First Aid

Why not make the most of your spare time and learn a lifesaving skill with your child. Watch William teach you how, with the help of his little brother Jack.

Learn First Aid at Home with William & Jack

Their mother, Fiona, Trafford Leisure’s Learning and Development Manager says:

“This training could save a life. If a child can follow the simple steps then anyone can do it. First aid is all about keeping a cool head and following instructions. We really hope our videos will inspire other families in lockdown and will break down barriers or people’s nervousness surrounding basic first aid. William and Jack can’t wait to make more videos! They think they are the new Joe Wicks!”

How to use Automated External Defibrillatora (AED)

This is a BIG lesson from the boys today, but a very important one! They are going to demonstrate CPR and how to use an AED.

Nose Bleeds

William and Jack demonstrate how to treat someone that is having a nose bleed.
WARNING! Fake blood has been used in the video.

Learn the Recovery Position

William and Jack demonstrate how to put a someone in the recovery position. Learn it in simple steps!

Perfect Support Sling

Willam and Jack are back with the support sling!

What you need to do if you notice someone choking.

In this lesson with William & Jack, you’re going to learn what you need to do if you notice someone choking.

Sprain and Strain

How to treat a sprain and strain is William and Jack’s topic for you today!

William and Jack share first aid for fainting

William and Jack would like to remind you to drink water and lots of it to stay healthy and safe in the Summer heat

First Aid for a Stroke

A stroke is a condition in which part of the brain is affected by an interruption to the normal blood supply. This can result from a clot in a blood vessel that stops blood passing through to brain tissue.

If this condition is recognised at an early stage, it can be treated by hopsital care and could result in full recovery.

“ACT FAST!” – William and Jack

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