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Indoor Bowling

Indoor Bowls is available at Altrincham Leisure Centre and consists of organised sessions and a competitive indoor league

Indoor bowls is a popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Simple to pick up and a sociable sport, it’s easy to see the attraction.

The rules

After a coin toss, the first bowler, also known as the lead, lays the mat and rolls the jack to the other end of the green. This will act as the target from this point on. The jack must travel at least 23m.

Players will then take it in turn to bowl. Points will be awarded for the competitor or team whose bowl is closer to the jack.

Once the points have been tallied up, the direction of play is reversed!

Our indoor bowls team meets regularly at Altrincham. For serious contenders of the sport, we also offer a competitive indoor league.

For more information, get in touch here.

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