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Join our Trampolining Programme

Trampolining with Trafford Gymnastics is well respected and is already one of the largest leisure centre gymnastics schemes in the UK.

Trampolining with Trafford Leisure

Let’s Bounce!

Trampolining is not only a fantastic form of aerobic exercise, it also is a great way to learn new skills, flexibility, and also self-confidence.

Our experienced team of coaches really knows how to bring the best out of the children. We welcome children of all ages and abilities, both boys and girls.

All classes are £23 per month. 


Bouncing Stars is for children Age 3 to 5yrs of age, and is parent assisted, at the side of the trampoline. Children will learn through fun structured activities, to develop their skills of balance, strength and co-ordination.

Age 5 to 7yrs & Age 8yrs+ Beginners Trampolining – an independent trampoline class, delivering fun and structured session, following the trampoline proficiency award scheme, at pace, suitable to each child’s individual stage of learning.

Age 8yrs+ Improvers Trampolining – a program design for the improver trampolinists, working to develop their aerial skills, of different degrees of rotation, twist, from  body landings, to the start of mastering somersaults.

Age 8yrs+ Advanced Trampolining – build upon the repertoire of the trampolinists, to begin learning, the more complex skill of trampolining, from the higher levels of the trampoline proficiency award scheme.

We are relaunching Adult trampolining from 4th Jan 2022, at Altrincham Leisure Centre.

  • Adults beginners – Tuesday 7.30pm to 8.25pm
  • Adult Improvers – Tuesday 8.30pm to 9.25pm

How do I buy and book my child on a course?

1.     Please see below on the timetable what spaces we have left for each stage
2.     See the stage you want with a space, please then contact us by filling in the form below with what STAGE / TIME AND DAY you would like to purchase

Trampolining Timetable & Spaces Left

Altrincham Leisure Centre

10.15am – Bouncing Stars

4pm – Bouncing Stars

4pm – Age 5-7yrs

5pm – Age 5 to 7yrs (1)

5pm – Age 5 to 7yrs (2)

5pm – Age 8yrs+ Beginner

6pm – Age 8yrs+ Begineer

6pm – Age 8yrs+ Improver

7pm – Age 8yrs+ Intermediate

7pm – Age 8yrs+ Advanced

7.30pm – Adults beginners 

8.30pm – Adult Improvers

10.15am – Bouncing Stars
4pm – Age 5 to 7yrs (1)
4pm – Age 5 to 7yrs (2)
5pm – Age 8yrs+ Beg (1)
5pm – Age 8yrs+ Beg (2)
6pm – Age 8yrs+ Improver
7pm – Age 8yrs+ Advanced (1)
7pm – Age 8yrs+ Advanced (2)

9am – Bouncing Stars
9am – Age 5 to 7yrs (1)
9am – Age 5 to 7yrs (2)
10am – Age 4 to 6yrs
10am – Age 5 to 7yrs
10am – Age 8yrs+ Begineer
11am – Age 8yrs+ Beginner
11am – Age 8yrs+ Improver
12noon – Age 8yrs+ Improver (1)
12noon – Age 8yrs+ Improver (2)
1pm – Age 8yrs+ Advanced (1)
1pm – Age 8yrs+ Advanced (2)

If we are unable to offer space for an immediate start, we will add your child to our waiting list, in the short term, we hope soon we are able to offer more spaces, once social distancing measure are finally eased.

What should my child wear?

Children should arrive sessions ready. Wearing either shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms, with a t-shirt, socks, and a jumper, without a hood. And that all jewellery is to removed prior to arrival, with hair that can be grabbed by the hand, tied back away from the face.

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