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Customer Statement – A New Website for Trafford Leisure

We are excited to be able to share with you a brand new Trafford Leisure website in January 2019. The new design has been created with you, our customer, in mind.

We listened to what you were saying, both good and bad, about our old website. We took on your comments and used this as a starting point to design a website with improved functionality and enhanced content. We believe the new design will increase your usability and satisfaction.

Over the month of January, we invite our valued customers to begin exploring and navigating the new site, viewing and trying out all the new pages and features.  It will look and feel very different to what you are used to, but we believe you will have increased confidence in the site. We want to hear your comments and opinions on the new website, and a feedback tab will show when you navigate. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us. We also want to know of any glitches or broken links, so again, please get in touch via the website so they can be addressed quickly.  

The new website is easily navigable and has been totally overhauled for mobile and tablet use, as well as for desktops. We learnt that 60.4% per cent of our website traffic was accessing the site from a phone, and our old design was not optimised for mobile use, making the process slow and sluggish. The new website is responsive and customer facing.

The design team also studied data tracking and hot spots to understand what you were using the website for and where you are clicking. Using this information we were able to create a new design that will streamline your experience.

The new Trafford Leisure website will be regularly updated with offers, events and inspirational real life fitness journeys. You can access information regarding Trafford Leisure either through an ‘activity’ or a ‘leisure centre’ making the process extremely straightforward. The reworked website features simple interactive timetables, contact forms and an online booking facility.

The new website provides the perfect platform to engage better with you, and is representative of how we see Trafford Leisure developing in the future.

Our hope for you, is that you will enjoy using the website for information, purchasing, getting in touch and online bookings. We promise to continually keep our website fresh with real stories from our customers and community as well as interesting news and blogs so that you can check back often.

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