Innovative heart rate monitors are helping Trafford Leisure’s Altrincham Leisure Centre customers make the most of their workout - Trafford Leisure

Innovative heart rate monitors are helping Trafford Leisure’s Altrincham Leisure Centre customers make the most of their workout

Trafford Leisure is rolling out Myzone technology at its Altrincham Leisure Centre, due to popular demand, after a successful launch in its new cycle studio in January.

Myzone is a new innovative heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity.  The Myzone belt, which is worn around the chest, allows users to accurately track their heart rate, calories used, duration, intensity and Myzone effort points (MEP’s). The more effort you put in, the more Myzone effort points you will score.

The Myzone belt displays real-time results through five simple colour-coded personalised zones. The telemetry can be displayed collectively on a large screen for group settings, such as a cycling class, or individually, direct to a smartphone.

An interactive Myzone screen has been incorporated withinAltrincham Leisure Centre’s new Move Zone area, which has been createdby modernising and updatingthe centre’s former lower practice hall with refreshed paint and a brand new air conditioning system. The Move Zone will be used for a number of fitness classes, including, yin yoga, hatha yoga and Pilates. Each exerciser will be able to view theirprogression and performance data feed from their Myzone heart monitor belt on the interactive screen as they work out.

Jo Cherrett, COO, Trafford Leisure said: “We understand exercise routines can become trying at times and, like a lot of things in life, we know a bit of feedback can be a welcome boost to motivation. So we’re really excited to be introducing Myzone technology into our refreshed cycle studio and Move Zone area to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their workouts.Myzone seemed like the perfect solution, as it appeals to all our customers, as Myzone levels the playing field between the elite athlete and the beginner.

 “We listened to what our customers wanted, and how we could improve their experience, and the cycle studio, the Move Zone and the Myzone technology is a commitment and an investment into our Altrincham customers.  Altrincham is going from strength to strength.”

Tamara Bailey, Key Account Manager, UK, Myzone said: “The team at Myzone are very excited about the new partnership with Trafford Leisure and being part of the new plans for Altrincham Leisure Centre.Wearable technology has been identified as a vital part of member engagement and success into 2019, so it is great to see Trafford Leisure embracing this and embedding Myzone into their “Move Zone” experience. Myzone provides the final part of the experience of helping members feel good about exercise by making it fun, providing a sense of achievement, a feeling of progress and a community of support.”

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