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Young People 11-15 years

Our Young People membership for 11-15-year-olds is a great way to make friends, have fun, and get fit in a safe environment.

What’s better is that you get the first 3 MONTHS FREE!

Young People Membership

Our Young People membership allows anyone aged 11-12 years to access any of our supervised Junior Gym sessions by themselves.

Young People aged 13-15 can access the gym between 1.30pm – 4.30pm every day! You can still workout outside our supervised hours though! You just need to be accompanied by your adult.

Young People aged 14+ are also welcome to join in selective fitness classes!


How to Join?

To join our Young People membership you will need to get your adult to join first, but don’t panic! Although the membership is with your adult, you can work out independently.

When your adult joins on a Trafford Leisure Complete membership they will receive a code within 24 hours which will enable them to join you up!

The Young Peoples’ membership will get 3 months completely FREE and then will be £15 every month until we receive a request to cancel.

To purchase a Young People membership, an adult will first need to join on our complete membership

Young People Membership Includes

Gym Sessions


Lane Swimming
(must be able to swim 50m)


Family Blast Sessions


Selective Group Fitness Classes
(Ages 14+)


Instructor-led Sessions

For full terms and conditions please read them here.

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Located in the heart of Sale Town Centre, this leisure centre is one of Trafford’s largest leisure facilities. The centre has a vibrant and friendly atmosphere and is the best place to enjoy a fitness activity within Trafford.

Located in the heart of Altrincham Town Centre, this facility is one of Trafford’s largest leisure facilities. The centre provides a complete leisure package with activities and sessions for the whole community.

Stretford Sports Village comprises of three centres, the original Stretford Leisure Centre now called ‘Chester Centre’, the newest facility at Stretford High School called ‘Talbot Centre’ & the ‘Sports Barn’ in Old Trafford. The centres provides a complete leisure package for the whole community.


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