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At Trafford Leisure, we are passionate about everyone having the opportunity to get healthy and be active. 

Planning Ahead

It is an exciting time at Trafford Leisure with large scale investment, upwards of £60 million; coming into the portfolio of centres ran by Trafford Leisure over the next five years.

Our strategy will see our customer put firmly at the heart of every business decision. This much needed investment aims to secure modern fit-for-purpose facilities that ensure greater uptake and spend per visit, to enable Trafford Leisure to be viable and profitable whilst delivering community benefit in the long term.

Working with Trafford Council

The investment is part of a borough wide strategy by Trafford Council and will see levels of physical activity increase to help secure the improved health and wellbeing outcomes for our local Trafford people.

First phase of investment starts with Urmston. A planning application for the significant refurbishment of Urmston Leisure has been approved and work will start in Spring 2019 with completion in early 2020.

Further investment is then planned for two new leisure centres in Altrincham and Stretford. The latter being designed for the local community first and then to accommodate a whole new student market generated from the inception of a brand new specialist university campus on the adjacent site. UA92 will present an exciting opportunity for Trafford Leisure to grow the business with an influx of circa 6,000 students in the local community over time. Development options are still being considered for Sale which would then complete the transformation of the four main centres.

Helping you to hit your targets

We have made it affordable, convenient and straightforward to achieve your personal health goals.  Each week we help over 9,000 children learn to swim, over 1,300 children take part in gymnastics, over 40,000 golf balls are hit and we help those members of our community who are currently inactive take the first steps towards becoming active.  No matter your age, fitness level or favourite activity we have something for you. 

What makes us great?

You do, our customers are at heart of everything we do, we have designed Trafford Leisure around the things that matter most to you:

We keep our prices affordable with an option to suit everybody.

With up to 100 free classes every week for members, free weights, cardio areas, functional areas, personal trainers, you will find everything you need.

You can join, book classes all at the touch of a button and in seconds.

Swimming, Gym, Golf, Gymnastics, Trampolining, outdoor activities

Trafford Leisure is always striving for

more people, more active, more often

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Trafford Leisure CIC Limited – Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2018

Trafford Leisure, as an employer of more than 250 people, is required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The calculations show the difference between the average earnings of men and women across Trafford Leisure and the company is required to publish this data on the business website and on a government website.

The data is calculated from a snapshot date which is 5 April 2018. Full and part-time employees are included and it includes employees who do not have a fixed number of hours. The mean and median gender pay gap reporting is based on the hourly pay of employees. The bonus calculations are based on pay in the 12 months leading up to the snapshot date and include performance bonuses and commission.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2018  
Mean gender pay gapWomen’s hourly rate is1.2% higher
Median gender pay gapWomen’s hourly rate is0.7% higher
Mean bonus gender pay gapWomen’s mean bonus is2.4% lower
Median bonus gender pay gapWomen’s median bonus is130% higher
Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment25.5% of women received a bonus35.2% of men received a bonus


Trafford Leisure had 355 employees at the snapshot date, 196 women and 159 men.

People who did not receive any bonus in the 12 months to the snapshot date are not included in the bonus calculations.

Gender quartilesFemaleMale
Upper quartile57%43%
Upper middle quartile55%45%
Lower middle quartile51%49%
Lower quartile58%42%


Trafford Leisure is committed to ensuring gender balance in the workforce.

The mean gender pay gap for Trafford Leisure is a 1.2% higher rate for women compared with a UK national mean gender pay gap where men’s average rates are higher.

The figures presented are positive and the data reflects that there is little difference in pay rates for different genders occupying equivalent roles.

Next steps

Trafford Leisure  will:-

  • continue to monitor and report annually on the gender pay gap
  • continue to appoint and develop team members on merit regardless of their gender or other factors covered by the Equality Act 2010
  • continue to invest in and develop the workforce providing team members with the skills to be flexible, deal with change and encourage greater engagement and participation throughout the organisation

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