Gym Sessions Timetable at Trafford Leisure in Greater Manchester

Gym Sessions Timetable

Trafford Leisure offers something for anyone on a fitness journey towards a more active and healthier lifestyle.

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Please book your desired time slot in advance and online to use the gym. You will not be able to access the gym without a pre-booked session.

The time slots are 50 minutes of activity, which provides us with 10 minutes for changeover and we will clean the gym equipment in this time.

Pre-book your Gym Sessions

See our gym sessions below.

You can also book your gym session by filtering by location, clicking on your desired session and clicking the book now button in the pop-up box in the timetable below. This will take you to our bookings system where you will need your Member ID and PIN.

We also have our own app for you to book fitness classes on the go >> Download.

An orientation at move Urmston allows members to get started and be provided with a brief overview of the gym and fitness areas within a 50 min time period, which also allows time for each member to still complete a small workout.

On Monday the 27th July and Tuesday 28th July we will be running orientation sessions all day, on the hour, to get as many members as possible started.

From Wednesday 29th July the move Urmston team will be offering orientations and general gym sessions to make sure we balance getting people started alongside those that have then completed an orientation and are keen to start using the fantastic new gym space.

During these orientations members will be advised on how to download the mywellness app, if they have not already done so, and be shown how this can be accessed via the tile on the twmove app. A short overview of mywellness and its capabilities will be explained whilst on the orientation.

The new member will also be presented with their RFID wristband and advised of the layout of the facility. During these socially distanced times we will not be providing formal tours of the site, this is to ensure members have the space to walk whilst socially distancing around the centre during the allotted time frame for activity.

The orientation does not go into full details about individual programming, a full induction will be offered to all members with a full programme from the 1st October.

Existing Trafford Leisure members can start booking an orientation from Monday 10th August 2020. The cost of the orientation is just £2.00, and members will be issued with an access fob on arrival. If the existing Trafford Leisure member would prefer a move wristband, this can be purchased at the cost of £7.50.

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