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Physical Activity Referral

Here at Trafford Leisure, we work with a range of local partners including local GP practices, physiotherapists and other health and social care partners to identify individuals who would benefit from being more physically active.

The Trafford Leisure’s Physical Activity Referral makes physical activity easily accessible and provides all relevant referrals with:


8 weeks subscription to physical activity for a nominal fee of £20


This can either be self-funded by individuals or by the partner organisation that is making the referral. Add on options are available to allow people to be referred together or families to be referred.

Trafford Leisure currently offers:
  • Health Walks
  • Nordic Walking
  • Cycling
  • Healthy Hips and Hearts
  • Fitness Suites
  • Swimming
  • Exercise classes
  • Into Sport sessions
  • Walking Football 
In addition to the Physical Activity referral, Trafford Leisure also deliver a range of programmes listed below.

The add on provides an option for additional individuals to be referred.

Referral agents can discuss this with individuals and/or the Active Living Team will discuss with individual when the referral is made.


  • 8 weeks access to physical activity
  • Gym, Swim, classes, walking, and  cycling


  • £10 (0-15yrs)
  • £20 (16 yrs+) for 8 weeks

Anyone who is undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer treatment in the past 6 months


  • 12 week supported programme of exercise
  • 6 personal 1-2-1 sessions
  • Fully inclusive membership


  • £125 for 3 months (alternatively physical activity 8 weeks for £20)

Location: Stretford and Sale Leisure Centre

Anyone aged 55+ who is currently experiencing chronic pain


  • 6 week programme
  • 2 supported group sessions per week


  • FREE

Locations: Stretford Sports Village

Patients who have fallen or who are at risk of falling


  • 8 week supported programme
  • Weekly scheduled session at the leisure centre
  • Tailored classes


  • FREE

Location: GH Carnall and Altrincham Leisure Centre

Anyone who is about to retire and would like to become a physical activity ambassador – walk leader, cycle leader, run leader, healthy hips and hearts instructor, sports facilitator or physical activity analyst.


  • 8 weeks supported physical activity programme for post-retirement health awareness.
  • Placement and mentoring with Active Living Manager.


  • £20 8 weeks
  • Free complimentary full access membership for 10 hours a month volunteer work

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