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Trampolining Program for members

Our fantastic Trampolining program is temporarily paused whilst Altrincham Leisure Centre undergoes refurbishment.

Trampolining will be back soon!

Whilst Altrincham Leisure Centre undergoes a major refurbishment, the trampolining programme has been temporarily paused.

What do I need to do now?

In order to request your Childs place onto their course, you need to log on and reselect your class using your Member ID and Pin. 

This avoids the need to email or phone if you know the level your child was at prior to lockdown.

Your membership will be unfrozen once your place has been confirmed.

Please only book one time slot per child or the system will remove all duplicates at the end of each day and you risk losing your space.

We understand parents are constantly juggling the challenges of parenting and working, and felt this was the fairest way to organise rebooking.

There is limited availability and we are not currently accepting new members or taking bookings from cancelled members.

This means that you, our loyal customers, receive first refusal.

Once you have requested your slot, you will then be contacted via email to confirm you are booked on the course. 

Trampolining Timetable & Spaces Left

Please click to view a PDF which shows you times and days of the stages available

If we are unable to offer space for an immediate start, we will add your child to our waiting list.


Bouncing Stars is for children Age 3 to 5yrs of age, and is parent assisted, at the side of the trampoline. Children will learn through fun structured activities, to develop their skills of balance, strength and co-ordination.

Age 5 to 7yrs & Age 8yrs+ Beginners Trampolining – an independent trampoline class, delivering fun and structured session, following the trampoline proficiency award scheme, at pace, suitable to each child’s individual stage of learning.

Age 8yrs+ Improvers Trampolining – a program design for the improver trampolinists, working to develop their aerial skills, of different degrees of rotation, twist, from  body landings, to the start of mastering somersaults.

Age 8yrs+ Advanced Trampolining – build upon the repertoire of the trampolinists, to begin learning, the more complex skill of trampolining, from the higher levels of the trampoline proficiency award scheme.

Adults – a tailored program for complete beginners, through to improvers, and beyond. (Returns September 2021)

Rebound Therapy – Adaptive sessions, as part of a tailored program designed to suit children with a sensory, learning, and or physical disability.

Some key changes to be aware of:

  • Trampolining activities will only take place at Altrincham Leisure Centre.
  • We ask that only one parent/guardian attends Pre-school sessions, and is fully prepared to stand for the duration of the session, at the side of the trampoline, as instructed by the coach.
  • Siblings not participating are not permitted in the sports hall, during sessions.
  • We ask that only one parent & guardian accompany’s their child, to their classes, as we still need parents to remain in the centre, we know it’s not easy but your support will really help.
  • Age 5yrs+ classes can be viewed from the balcony viewing gallery, above the sports hall.
  • We ask that your child arrives no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of the session, Trampolining ready, with hair tied back away from the face.
  • No jewellery worn. Dressed in legging, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, t-shirt, and socks. Items of clothing with hoods, belts, and jeans are not permitted for this activity.
  • Our trained staff will be on hand to support, guide and advise you.
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