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Gyms in Trafford

With Gyms, Exercise Classes, Swimming, Racquets, Fitness Programming, Personal Training and a team of friendly highly qualified staff around, Trafford Leisure offers something for anyone on a fitness journey towards a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Located across Central & South West Manchester we have a range of facilities on you’re doorstep, there to provide the perfect environment for all your leisure and fitness demands.

We know “one size doesn’t fit all” so we provide a range of membership packages to suit any individual that include Swimming, Gym, Classes, Spinning, Programming and Racquets. Plus with all our Memberships join one centre – join them all so come on JOIN OUR FAMILY!

You’ll find equipment which simulates cycling, walking and running, skating, rowing, and climbing.

These all offer a slightly different type of workout. At the heart of our gyms are our passionate gym instructors, who are on hand to help you to achieve your fitness goals; whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, maintaining a healthy lifestyle or training for your first sports event.

We believe that everyone, regardless of starting point, should have the opportunity to live an active and healthy Lifestyle. See how we can be of service to you.

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