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Trafford Swims – share your views and experiences around swimming

Swim England has today launched a national campaign that is appealing to those from ethnically diverse communities to give their views and experiences – with the aim of helping to make the water-based activity more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

This includes those who can swim but may choose not to, those who cannot swim, those who have tried but have not had positive experiences, and those that already enjoy the water. 

Swim England is hoping to receive the largest response to a survey of its type in the sport and leisure sector to help understand the barriers to swimming for underrepresented groups and communities. The results will significantly shape the future of the sector and Swim England’s next 10-year strategy, which will be its most ambitious yet in terms of increasing diversity in the water. The findings will also be shared with other sporting organisations. 

By completing the survey, you can help your local community, improve access to pools and be a part of a positive change in the water. 

Share your experience and help us make a difference. 

Complete the survey by clicking the image below…

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