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I wish I’d been introduced to the gym sooner

Anthony, 67, who is married and lives in Sale, actively chased a Trafford Leisure Physical Activity Referral from his local GP following a second knee replacement operation in December last year. Anthony had learnt about the referral scheme, through a friend on his wife’s and felt it would be good for his recovery following the four hour procedure.

Anthony had suffered with arthritis in both of his knees and says: I wish a Physical Activity Referral had been advised when I had my first knee replaced a number of years ago. The difference in my recovery has been dramatic. Im absolutely delighted with the results; Im surprised at how quickly my strength and mobility has returned.

Anthonys doctor referred him to Active Living Manager, Joshua Matthews, at Trafford Leisures Sale Leisure Centre. Joshua designed a bespoke eight-week programme, which focused on restoring Anthonys strength. His knee replacement surgery meant the exercises had to be low impact, and were designed to steadily build his muscle strength, focusing on resistance exercises to target his quads, hamstrings and calves.  Joshua also introduced Anthony to a number of classes, including simple circuits, body combat and walking football.

Anthony, who retired in 2007 from his job at Trafford Parks Kelloggs factory says: I really enjoy taking part in the classes. I worked in a team at Kelloggs and since retirement Ive missed the camaraderie of being in a group and working together with a shared goal.  The classes really help with my motivation. Walking football is fantastic.

“I’m so keen now joining the gym has given me the kick up the bum I needed. Its allowed me to focus on myself and given me much more structure to my day.  Retirement can sometimes feel like a burden. My commitment to my health outstretches my recovery from my operation; I’m here for the long haul, I see physical activity as a crucial part of my retirement.

Since his Physical Activity Referral, Anthony has been inspired to bring a friend along too. Anthony says: “I have been very impressed with the staff, the variety of classes and the facilities. There really is something for everyone.

Anthony often uses the pool too, enjoying the feel of the water after a class or work out. Walking in water is an excellent low impact exercise.He jokes“I’m much safer walking up and down the aisles of the pool, rather than trying to swim as since I’ve had my new knees, the weight of the replacements make my legs sink!  Im going to need armbands for my legs!”

Joshua Matthews says: “I’m delighted with Anthonys progress.  Hes really come on leaps and bounds. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and Im so pleased that physical activity is boosting his health, in all aspects.

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