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Lifelong friends embrace exercise in their retirement

Sisters, Cath and Annette, met their friend Maxine over 40 years ago when they all worked at Trafford General Hospital. The trio have supported each other through the decades and are quite a force to be reckoned with.   They have laughed and cried together, and now in retirement are trying something new and becoming each other’s health and fitness motivator.

It was Cath, aged 74, who was first referred to Urmston Leisure Centre by her GP and her physiotherapist, who both felt an Active Living Health Referral would help with Cath’s painful knees and shoulders. Cath went on to meet with Active Living Manager, Rachael Forde.

Rachael says: “I showed Cath around the facilities, made her feel at home and undertook her fitness assessment, discussing how some simple exercise would help with her strength and flexibility, as well as improving her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD). A personal instructor then developed a programme tailored to her specific needs and abilities.”

Throughout the eight weeks Cath was mentored and supported by the Trafford Leisure team. Cath was determined and on completing her eight-week programme, encouraged by the results, signed up for a graduate membership package.

Cath was so impressed with Trafford Leisure that she recommended the programme to her sister Annette and her friend Maxine. The three women now all come to Urmston and George H Carnall leisure centres together.  Annette and Maxine’s Trafford Leisure membership is a bolt on to Cath’s and this helps to keep the cost extremely reasonable.

Annette, 67, says: “I’ve enjoyed coming to the gym, and can’t praise the weekly Simple Aerobics class enough. It’s a fantastic session, with great music and a wonderful teacher. All the songs, dancing and laughter are a recipe for good health. Together we now come to the leisure centres three times a week, and I am feeling so much better. I’ve gained in my fitness and have additionally met lots of new, interesting people.  I suffer with arthritis and have had a hip replacement, but this doesn’t stop me from taking part and trying something new.”

Maxine, 74, suffers with breathing problems, but has found coming to Trafford Leisure most helpful for her anxiety. She says:“I feel much happier, I’m sleeping better and I have more energy. It really has made a big impact in my life, and I have gone on to recommend two more friends to Trafford Leisure. We are quite a tribe.”

Cath, Annette and Maxine are still keen to try more and they plan to start doing aqua aerobics and even Tai Chi.  “Together, we are stronger, fitter and braver. Now we just need to get our husbands moving!”

Racheal Forde says: “Cath, Annette and Maxine are inspiring others in their retirement and I’m so proud of their attitude and their progress. They are proof that exercise and healthy living doesn’t stop at 60.”

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