Trafford Leisure to host disability workshops to make sport and leisure accessible to all - Trafford Leisure

Trafford Leisure to host disability workshops to make sport and leisure accessible to all

Trafford Leisure is holding a series of workshops to explore how best to deliver more inclusive activities; putting all disabled people and their carers at the heart of its future planning.

The workshops, which will take place at George H Carnall Leisure Centre during June, are part of a strategy review by Trafford Leisure, in conjunction with Trafford Council, to create a more inclusive approach to disability, ensuring access to exercise is available to all.

If you have any type of disability – from minor to severe, both physical and mental or help care for a person with a disability, you have an insight into the many challenges a disabled person may face in accessing the world of sport, physical activity and leisure. We want to learn from you, to create an inclusive community, a friendly social environment, with safe and purpose-designed facilities, and to change perceptions around disability and exercise.

Trafford Leisure and Trafford Council want to understand how to support you and ensure the leisure centres we are building and redeveloping can be enjoyed by everyone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we have to get this right.

The findings from the workshops will feed directly into the current work and designs being undertaken for our leisure centres and their activity programmes. Through these discussions you can help us challenge perceptions and change the reality of disability inclusion in sport and physical activity across Trafford.

Being more active has massive health and other benefits, but evidence shows disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive than non-disabled people; with nearly half (42%) of disabled people inactive per week compared to 21% of those with no disability. We are determined to change this by listening, learning and putting into action what disabled people and their carers tell us, as according to Public Health England four in five disabled people report they would like to do more physical activity.

Lily Whitely, a local Disability Campaigner, whose profoundly disabled daughter, Emma, passed away in February this year says: “I’ve fought for disability rights for twenty five years now. My daughter fought for her life every day and her drive inspires my

campaigning. Emma loved to get outside and to watch people, but in so many places there are not even the basic facilities for a disabled person, making getting out of the house even more difficult. Loneliness and depression is common place for people with disabilities and their families/carers, and this is just one of the reasons why it is so important we are listened to. Your voices, your opinions and your experiences matter. Don’t be afraid to attend these workshops and speak up, or have your carer speak up on your behalf.”

Jo Cherrett, COO, Trafford Leisure says: “Leisure facilities and physical activity need to be made accessible, safe and must not discriminate. Leisure opportunities must be made inclusive and welcoming for all. We look forward to meeting you at these workshops and together we can start to plan and redevelop Trafford’s leisure facilities, breaking down these barriers.”

The workshops will take place:

Friday 21st June – 4.30pm -6.00pm –

Saturday 22nd June – 1.30pm – 3.00pm –

Monday 24th June – 6pm – 7.30pm –

Ensure your voice is heard; to book your space using the links above and join us for a coffee and chat. If you have any further queries please contact:

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