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Trafford Leisure launches ‘Young People’ memberships to help combat childhood obesity

Trafford Leisure has launched its ‘Young People’ membership for children aged 11-15 years old in a bid to combat childhood obesity and inactivity in the borough. Young people will be able to use their membership to access gym facilities, classes and lane swimming.

In the UK, one in three children are currently overweight or obese and a study from 2019 found 17% of 11-year-olds in the Trafford borough were clinically obese. Being overweight during childhood is known to have significant impact on both physical and mental health and obese children tend to become obese adults.

Jonathan Francis, Head of Business, Trafford Leisure says: “We are committed to providing physical and mental wellness for all the community, including children and young people. Our centres are safe, secure and sanitised – giving both young people and their parents/carers peace of mind. Today, it is more important than ever that we combat poor lifestyle and inactivity, with childhood obesity being one of the most serious health epidemics our society is facing.”

Trafford Leisure has timetabled 50-minute specialised junior gym sessions tailored for children and young people, which are supervised by expert fitness instructors, who are on hand to advise the young people about how to use the gym equipment safely and how to get the best results. Equipment available includes cardio, strength and resistance machines.

Francis continues: “We believe that health and leisure is an integral and valued part of community life in our borough, bringing vitality, life and vibrancy to Trafford. Our vision is to get all of Trafford moving more, and it is therefore critical for us to connect with and provide services for young people, as this helps to nurture a lifelong appreciation for physical health and wellbeing.”

The Young People membership must be bought as an add on to the parent/carer membership, and will be offered free for the first three months and then £15 per month thereafter.

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